There are many myths about hardwood flooring that most of us have either heard and believe or like to turn our heads when hearing them. Either way it is time to clear up the myths and know the truth about hardwood flooring once and for all.

Here are 20 myths about hardwood flooring

  1. Hardwood floors should never be used in a kitchen – This is simply not true because of the amount of traffic that goes through a kitchen and the food and liquid that spills on the ground. Hardwood floor is a much better choice over carpet that easily stains.
  2. Damp mopping is the only way to clean a hardwood floor. – Wrong again, water and wood do not mix well especially in large amount. The best way is to purchase maintenance products that are designed for flooring.
  3. Hardwood flooring does not dent or scratch – Although hardwood floor is durable and last longer than carpet and tile it can also scratch and dent fairly bad.Hardwood floor
  4. High heels will not ruin hardwood floors – Spiked and high heels are very bad for wood flooring because it can easily make dents or leave very large dents within the wood.
  5. Wood cupping only happens to old wood – Cupping happens because of too much moisture exposure, so cupping can even happen to newer wood without proper care.
  6. Hardwood flooring changes color because of it being defective – That is false as well, in all actuality all wood will eventual change color and fade overtime.
  7. I will be able to use every single piece of hardwood flooring I bought – In reality you most likely will need to purchase some extra because wood sometimes breaks, snaps and scratches when being installed in addition to possible problems with cutting.
  8. Hardwood floors show gaps when the wood is defective – No that is not true; almost all wood will endure separation, in particular the cold months because of housing being heated and forces the wood to retract.
  9. Roller chairs do not damage my hardwood floor – Roller chairs are a big no-no for hardwood floors. They can easily damage, scratch and dent the wood overtime.
  10. Hardwood floor is difficult to clean and requires a lot of effort – Hardwood flooring can be relatively easy to keep up when you purchase the correct maintenance items and use only products that are made and created for hardwood flooring.

Wood flooring tips

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