Making sure you have proper care with your oak hardwood flooring is imperative to keep the natural and new look to the flooring. It can be a difficult task to keep up on the everyday traffic that the flooring receives from people and animals but to keep it looking new it is essential to do so. Here are several tips about oak flooring so you can keep your hardwood flooring fresh and squeaky clean.
• When the hardwood floor is being installed; make sure to read the manufactures instructions on upkeep with your new flooring. Every type of wood is different so reading the specific instructions will better help you know how to take care of the hardwood floor.
• Never sweep the flooring with a hard broom. Always make sure to use a soft broom and sweep it regularly because it will keep it clean and will naturally buff the wood so it will keep it from denting and scratching.
• Preferably use a dry towel when wiping up a spill or mess because it will not only keep the hardwood flooring from absorbing any moisture but will clean up quicker as well.
• Purchase a rug to lie down in a high traffic area so it will stay cleaner and prevent dents from harsh shoe bottoms.
• Place a piece of felt under any furniture feet that is sitting on top of the hardwood floor. It will prevent the furniture from scratching the surface when sliding.

• Install curtains where direct sunlight may be hitting the hardwood flooring for long periods of time. Eventually the hardwood will begin to fade and discolor from the UV rays.
• Always use a buffer when applying wax-finish to the hardwood floor. That way the wax-finish is distributed evenly and doesn’t build over layers overtime.
• Always use cleaning products that were created and designed for hardwood floor. Never use ammonia, bleach or other harsh chemicals directly on the hardwood floor.
If you follow these tips about oak flooring you will have a clean and shiny hardwood floor for decades to come and will not need to worry about replacing panels in the future.

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