Wood floors are beautiful to have but very difficult to maintain. They need to be taken care of on regular basis to keep them dirt and gravel free because it gets stick to the wood if not cleaned regularly and thus it eats away the beauty and texture of the wood slowly but gradually. The wooden floor gets scratchy due to the dust and sand particles that are present on its surface so it is necessary to keep them clean. The hard wood floors are useful to have in the house where there are allergy patients because they make the environment breathable and natural. The grit and dirt needs to be removed from the wooden floors by regular dusting and sweeping. There are certain tips which are very useful and handy in order to keep a good care of the wooden floors. These tips are given as under:

• Use of specifically designed cleaning products
The use of common household sweeping and dusting products can bring damage to the wooden floors and instead of them the specifically designed products must be used for cleaning and dusting the wooden floors in order to maintain their scratch less base.
• Avoiding the use of water
A wooden floor can get moped by the water if it is directly spilled on it. Instead of spilling water on it, the use of damp cloth can be very useful to wipe off the stains and spills from the surface of the wooden floors.
• Never using ammonia and wax
The usage of ammonia and wax to clean the wooden floors is very dangerous for its life and shape. Their usage may give a shine to the wooden floors but in reality the usage of ammonia and wax which is having a glossy finish makes the surface of wood more sticky and dirt catchy.

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